7th ESC Congress "Changing attitudes to Contraception and Reproductive Health" Genova, Italy 10-13 April 2002

Selected powerpoint presentations presented at the 7th congress of the European Society of Contraception April 10-13, 2002, Genova, Italy

Emergency contraception over the counter (155 kB) - Aubény E, France 

Continuation and compliance of contraceptive use (84 kB) - Pinter B, Slovenia 

Counselling in contraception (486 kB) - Webb A, United Kingdom 

Hormonal male contraception: unresolved problems (187 kB) - Nieschlag E, Germany 

Psychosexual aspects of male contraception (242 kB) - Van Lunsen R, The Netherlands 

Abortion legislation in Europe (135 kB) - Claeys V, Belgium 

Oral contraceptives and CVD: epidemiologic effects (383 kB) - Farley T, WHO



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No liability shall be taken either by the contributors to the content of the presentations or by the ESC.


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