A. Gompel

A. Gompel | France

Name and position

  • Anne Gompel, MD, PhD
  • Outstanding Professor of Gynecology-Endocrinology, Head of the Gynecology Endocrinology at Port Royal Cochin Hospital in Paris and Professor at University Paris Descartes.
  • Belonging to the UMRS 1007 INSERM.
  • Received a MD from Paris University in 1981 and a PhD in 1987.
  • Expert and member of the committee at the Regulatory Agencies for drugs in France. Involved in National academic tasks as the General Secretary of the “National College of Professors of medical Gynecology”, member of the Conseil National des Universités.
  • Past officer of the EMAS and past member of IMS board and actual member of the French Society of Menopause (GEMVI) and Société Française de sénologie et Pathologie mammaire.

ESC mandate

  • Board member since 2014

Area of interest/expertise

  • Developed some basic biological research on breast cells and hormones focusing on the role of progesterone and progestins on normal and breast cancer cells.
  • Some clinical research on Hormones and the Vascular risk, thoracic endometriosis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. President of the scientific committee of the National “Centre de Référence” for Hereditary Angioedema (CRéAK).
  • Extensively publications in the fields of menopause, contraception, and breast cancer. Member of the Editorial Board of Climacteric, Maturitas and Menopause international.

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