A. Kapamadžija

A. Kapamadžija | Serbia

Name and position

  • Aleksandra Kapamadžija M.D. Ph.D. DSc.
  • Clinical Professor at the University of Novi Sad, working in Clinical center of Vojvodina, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, as a head of Family Planning unit.
  • Vice president of Serbian association for pediatric and adolescent gynecology “DAGS”
  • Working in the fields of contraception, induced abortions, pediatric and adolescent gynecology and gynecologic endocrinology
  • Principal investigator in center Novi Sad, in multicentric WHO project for medical abortions 2003/2004
  • Promoting sexual education in high schools in Serbia
  • Working on education of population in the area of reproductive health, against prejudices towards hormonal contraception
  • Numerous lectures for public and professionals, and publications (guides for hormonal and urgent contraception and safe abortions)

ESC mandate

  • ESC member since 2000
  • Board member 2014 – present

Area of interest/expertise

  • Sexual education
  • contraception (especially hormonal)
  • induced abortions – medical and surgical
  • adolescent and pediatric gynecology

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