A.Tula – Rijkure

A.Tula – Rijkure | Latvia

Name and position

  • Aija Tula-Rijkure,
  • President of LKA (Latvian Contreceptology, sexology and reproductive health association)
  • Gynaecologist/sexologist in Riga Diplomatic service Medical Center
  • Gynaecologist and USG specialist in Women’s Health Center “VITA” (Riga)
  • Lecturer for Youth and public and specialists in sexology/sexology and reproductive health
  • ESC member since 1996

ESC mandate

  • Board Member since 2016

Area of interest/expertise

  • Sexology/sexpathology and contraception
  • Organising local and international seminars

Contact the ESC Central Office at info@escrh.eu to contact A. Tula-Rijkure. Your email will then be forwarded.