G. Merki


G. Merki | Switzerland

Name and position

  • Gabriele Susanne Merki-Feld, PD, Dr
  • Principal of the Division for Family Planning, subunit of the clinic for Reproductive Endocrinology of the University hospital Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Has been working in the fields of contraception, gynaecologic endocrinology and adolescent gynaecology for over 20 years.
  • Research aims mainly on questions associated with the reduction of risks associated with the use of hormonal contraception and improvement of counseling
  • Special consultations hours for women with hormone-associated headaches

ESC mandate

  • Board Member since 2012
  • Member of working group for hormonal contraception

Area of interest/expertise

  • Hormonal contraception, headache, hormone-withdrawal, cardiovascular risk, adolescence, hormones and breast cancer.

Contact the ESC Central Office at info@escrh.eu to contact Gabriele Merki-Feld. Your email will then be forwarded.