I.Wolman | Israel


Name and position

  • Professor I. Wolman
  • Consultant obstetrician at the ultrasound unit, the Lis Maternity Hospital Tel-Aviv Medical Center
  • Associated Professor at the Tel-Aviv Medical School at the Tel-Aviv University
  • Preclinical medical studies in Rome and clinical studies in the Tel-Aviv University where he was awarded his MD in 1985.
  • Trained as an obstetrician and gynecology in the Serlin maternity Hospital Tel-Aviv.

ESC mandate

  • ESC Board member: 2016 – 2020


  • Member of the Israeli Medical association, Israeli society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, one of the founders and a board member of the Israel Society of contraception. Member of the Israeli society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • Published over 120 articles in the medical literature and over 100 presentations at different scientific meetings all over the world.
  • Written 14 chapters for different medical text books.
  • Co-author of the Israeli guide to contraception
  • Editor and main author of the Israeli book of ultrasound in Obstetrics.
  • Editor in chief of the online journal of contraception and of the journal of focused ultrasound, and a member of the board of 2 other international journals.

Area of interest

  • Fetal malformation scans
  • Gynecological Ultrasound especially endometriosis and oncology


Contact the ESC Central Office at info@escrh.eu to contact I.Wolman. Your email will then be forwarded.