J. Neves

J. Neves | Portugal

Head of Family Planning and Contraception in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproduction Medicine Department, Lisbon North Univerisity Centre, Santa Maria Hospital, Faculdade de Medicina from Lisbon University;


Working fields:
Family planning; contraception; detail on intrauterine contraception;
General and preventive gynecology; HPV screening and screening optimization; uterine bleeding; vaginal infections; screening on breast cancer;
Post-menopausal women health (hormone therapy; alternatives for hormone therapy; post-menopausal genitourinary symptoms; bone fragility (low bone mass and osteoporosis); vitamin D deficiency;

Key opinion leader on the fields cited;

Edition coordinator (Lidel Editora); scientifical books in Portuguese language for professionals and training in medicine: Medicina da Mulher na Pós-menopausa; Ginecologia Básica para Medicina Geral e Familiar; Obstetrícia Fundamental; Ginecologia Fundamental; ContraceçãoNational policy and technical expert on Reproductive Health, Safe Motherhood, Safe abortion, Mother and Child Health and other health issues

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