Controversial aspects of copper bearing IUDs provision – Survey


Controversial aspects of copper bearing IUDs provision – Survey

Dear Colleague,

Copper containing intrauterine devices (IUDs) are one of the most effective non-hormonal method of contraception. However, different views and clinical practices still prevent using this method by many women who have no real medical contraindications. In an attempt to identify controversial aspects of copper bearing IUDs provision a questionnaire has been prepared that will explore opinions of health care providers. Every answer is extremely valuable and highly appreciated!

IUD Survey

The results of this survey will be presented at the 16th ESC Congress in Dublin during the session of the Expert Group on non-hormonal methods of contraception. Short presentations about conflicting hot topics, identified by the results of the survey, will be prepared by experts in the field. An overview of guidelines and scientific evidence followed by interactive discussions will be part of each presentation. Some of the expected topics are copper IUD use in adolescents, as emergency contraception in women at increased risk for STI, routine prescription of antibiotics at IUD insertion, place of ultrasound screening and disinfection procedure.

Thank you for your collaboration.
On behalf of the members of the EG on non-hormonal methods of contraception,
Rob Beerthuizen, Coordinator

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