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To view the full text of an abstract (prior to the 14th Congress), click on the abstract number to the left of the presentation title.

To view, a PowerPoint presentation click on the title of the presentation.

All abstracts are available in the relevant Book of Abstracts.

  • All presentations are protected by copyright and meant either for personal viewing or for educational purposes only.
  • All powerpoints were up to date at the time of the presentation. Be aware of scientific progress since then.
  • Reproduction of information for commercial purposes is not allowed without written permission from the ESC Central Office.
  • The content of the presentations does not always reflect the opinion of the ESC.
  • The ESC¬†accepts no liability for the content of the presentations.


The 16th Congress was a hybrid. The PowerPoint presentations are included in the videos and will be soon available on demand (only) for registered participants via ESC Youtube.

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