Teaching & Training

Teaching & training

The concept of the training tool developed for the course was to create slide sessions with notes, which can be used not only for teaching but also for self-study. The training tool does not provide new guidelines but intends to enable the clinician to understand the background of WHO MEC, to be aware of the probability of a complication, the importance of taking a complete patient history to prevent serious adverse events and by this facilitate and improve decisions in daily but also more difficult situations.

The slide contents are based on new evidence and references are given for more interested health care professionals. The tool also includes five sessions about contraception in women with medical conditions. As this is an advanced learning tool we recommend less experienced nurses and doctors to first study the WHO training tools (www.fptraining.org).

This self-study concept allows all ESC members to use the tool for self-training and update their knowledge around contraceptive methods.

Please contact us (nancy.habils@escrh.eu) if you wish to organise a course with this training tool.

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