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The ESC has endeavored to collect programs, tools, brochures, etc. on the topic of sex education in European and other languages in this web library. You can search the library for general and specific topics, such as disability, abortion, LGBT+, violence, and more. Target groups include teachers, students, advocates, policymakers, and programmers, and designers. A short description is added for your service. Where no description in the original language was available to us, we tried to provide an English one. Provided are links or PDFs; if no links are available. Links to other web libraries are also included. Examples of the items provided are listed below.

The particular language of an item is mentioned in the original form. For your convenience here is an overview of the English translation of the original languages.

We would welcome comments on the information provided and new additions to the library. For additions, please contact info@escrh.eu. The content will be subject to approval before publication.
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Covid-19 and LGBT. Sexual health: lessons learned, digital futures?

LGBT Foundation

The COVID-19 pandemic and the measures put in place to halt its spread have had a profound and long-lasting impact in our societies. However, despite early reporting of the pandemic as a ‘great equalizer’, research has shown that its detrimental effects have been unevenly distributed among populations. In particular, both the virus and social distancing have had a disproportionate impact on LGBT people, who already suffer from higher rates of poor mental health, are more likely to live alone, and require more formal support services. That is, while COVID-19 may have had specific impacts, it has also exacerbated pre-existing inequalities.

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