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The ESC has endeavoured to collect programmes, tools, brochures etc. on the topic of sexuality education in European and other languages in this web library. You can search the library for general and specific topics, such as disability, abortion, LGBT+, violence, and more. Target groups include teachers, students, advocates, policy makers and programmers designers. A short description is added for your service. Where no description in the original language was available to us, we tried to provide an English one. Provided are links or PDFs; if no links are available. Links to other web libraries are also included. Examples of the items provided are listed below.

The particular language of an item is mentioned in the original form. For your convenience here is an overview with the English translation of the original languages.

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International technical guidance on sexuality education


This revised and fully updated edition of the International technical guidance on sexuality education benefits from a new review of the current evidence, and reaffirms the position of sexuality education within a framework of human rights and gender equality. It promotes structured learning about sex and relationships in a manner that is positive, affirming, and centered on the best interest of the young person. By outlining the essential components of effective sexuality education programmes, the Guidance enables national authorities to design comprehensive curricula that will have a positive impact on young people’s health and well-being There are even more translations into other languages, such as Birmese, Thai, Vietnamese and more.

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International technical guidance on sexuality education


Based on a rigorous and current review of evidence on sexuality education programs, this guide is aimed at decision makers and professionals in the education and health sectors. It has been produced to help education, health, and other relevant authorities develop and implement school-based sexuality education programs and materials. Volume I focuses on the rationale for sexuality education and provides sound technical advice on characteristics of effective programs. A companion document, (Volume II) focuses on the topics and learning objectives to be covered in a "basic minimum package" on sexuality education for children and young people from 5 to 18+ years of age and includes a bibliography of useful resources. The guide is relevant not only to those countries most affected by HIV and AIDS, but also to those facing low prevalence and concentrated epidemics.

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