12th FIAPAC conference

12th FIAPAC conference

Event information

Friday 14 October 2016, 14:00 – 15:30

Improving abortion care and postabortion contraception
Chairs: Ingrid Sääv, Sweden – Eduardo Lopez Arregui, Spain

  • Improving access to abortion care – Sam Rowlands, UK
  • Intrauterine contraception after medical abortion – Ingrid Saav, Sweden
  • Quickstarting implants after medical abortion – Helena Kopp Kallner, Sweden
  • Avoiding Unwanted Pregnancies in Zagreb – Vesna Stepanic, Croatia


Sam Rowlands talked about various ways of overcoming non-legal barriers to access to abortion. 

Ingrid Sääv said it is safe to insert intrauterine devices in the first week following early medical abortion as long as a continuing pregnancy has been excluded.

Helena Kopp Kallner spoke about inserting contraceptive implants one hour after mifepristone administration in early medical abortion. She emphasised how this immediate insertion is safe, acceptable and does not interfere with the action of the mifepristone.

Vesna Stepanic gave a presentation about contraceptive use, unintended pregnancy and abortion in Croatia. She reported on a successful symposium she organised with an ESC grant in Zagreb.

Sam Rowlands, UK

More information about this congress can be found here.