5th ESC Congress – Contraceptive choices and realities

Event information

The 5th ESC Congress, attended by more than 1000 participants, was a scientific and social success and illustrated the fact that contraceptive healthcare is a field where progress is only possible when scientists and care providers stimulate each other not only to develop safe and effective contraceptive methods, but also to take into account those variables that influence accessibility of services and effective preventive behaviour of men and women.

The main objective of contraceptive care is to offer choices to individuals who not only have the wish to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, but, foremost, have the right to take their own decisions with regard to sexual behaviour and reproductive choices.

This was the main motivation for the theme of the congress: Reproductive choices and realities; every child a wanted child in the 21st century.

Rik H.W. van Lunsen
President of the Scientific Committee of the 5th ESC Congress

Proceedings of this congress

Contraceptive choices and realities.

Edited by R.H.W. van Lunsen, V.Unzeitig and G.Creatsas.
The proceedings of the 5th Congress of the European Society of Contraception. The Parthenon Publishing Group, New York/London, 2000 ISBN 1-85070-067-2