5th ESC Seminar – What about boys and men

Event information

The theme of the 5th ESC Seminar “What about boys and men” emphasizes the important role that also boys and men have in sexual relations.

During this seminar this topic will be discussed in the keynote lectures and more extensively during the workshops.

Rik van Lunsen
President of the local organising committee.

Programme and abstracts

  • Epidemiology of the use of male methods in Europe; explanations for local differences – Ali Kubba St. Thomas Hospital, Gyn. Out-patient Dept., London, UK
  • Sex education of boys in Europe – Doortje Braeken Rutgers Foundation, International Division, Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Factors influencing male involvement in preventive behaviour – Jany Rademakers Netherlands Institute of Social Sexological Research (NISSO), Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Male methods – recent developments – H.J. Coelingh-Bennink Organon International, Oss, The Netherlands
  • Male sterilization in Europe: epidemiology, methods, refertilization and vasectomy in special cases – J. Wietse Hoekstra Bosch Medicentrum, s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
  • Negative attitudes towards vasectomy in Eastern Europe explained – Georgy Bartfai Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University Dept. OB/GYN, Szeged, Hungary


  1. Practical aspects of male barrier methods. Moderators – Olga Loeber (The Netherlands) Theodoor van Boven (The Netherlands) Martin Kessel (Germany)
  2. Ethnic minorities and preventive attitudes for men. Moderator: – Anne Verougstraete (Belgium)
  3. Male involvement in STD prevention. Moderators: – Paul Yu (UK) Nathalie Bajos (France)
  4. Men and abortion. Moderators: – Woet Gianotten (The Netherlands) Bo Andreassen Rix (Denmark)
  5. Practical aspects of sex education. Moderators: – Sanderijn van der Doef (The Netherlands) Allison Bigrigg (UK)
  6. Gender differences in communication. Moderators : Mary Short (Ireland) Veroon Vermeer (The Netherlands)

Abstracts of the 5th ESC seminar can be viewed in the programme and abstractbook (87.6 KB)