6th ESC Seminar “Why are teenagers still getting pregnant?”

Event information

“Why are teenagers still getting pregnant?”.

This is the question that those of us who are involved with adolescents regularly put to ourselves. This VI th Seminar of the ESC offers us an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences, share our expertise and hopefully come to some conclusions.

There will be keynote lectures from experts as well as interactive workshops and the opportunity to listen to some adolescents who will speak about sexuality, contraception and pregnancy.

The second day of the Seminar is reserved for presentations on the Portuguese experience of adolescent pregnancies. We need your active participation for a successful and stimulating Seminar.

Opportunities will be provided to explore the charming university town of Coimbra. We look forward to meeting you there.

David Rebelo
Organiser 6th ESC Seminar

Programme of the international part of the Seminar

Motherhood in adolescence

  • Adolescent pregnancy: overview – G. Creatsas (Greece)
  • Medical issues of adolescent pregnancies – M.O. Silva (Portugal)
  • Adolescent parenting – A. Guedes (Portugal)

Adolescent sexuality and contraception

  • An overview of adolescent contraceptive methods – V. Bruni (Italy)
  • Initiation and compliance of contraceptive use – N. Bajos (France)
  • Emergency contraception for adolescents – E. Aubény (France)
  • Medico-legal aspects of abortion in Europe – B. Pinter (Slovenia)

Adolescent Forum: Teenagers talking

Moderators: O. Loeber (The Netherlands) A. Verougstraete (Belgium) Albino Aroso (Portugal)


  1. Prenatal care during adolescent pregnancy
    Chairman: G. Bartfai (Hungary)
    Moderators: M. Pitorra (Portugal) H. Baía (Portugal) A.T. Enterezede (Portugal)
  2. Practical aspects of adolescent sexual education
    Chairman: S. Ozalp (Turkey)
    Moderators: T. Bombas (Portugal) M. Joao Trindade (Portugal) F. Branco (Portugal)
  3. Social supports for adolescent mothers
    Chairman: M. Short (Ireland)
    Moderators: B. Nunes (Portugal) F. Xarepe (Portugal) R. Pinheiro (Portugal)
  4. Practical aspects of adolescent contraception
    Chairman: D. Cibula (Czech Republic)
    Moderators: Ana Aroso (Portugal) R. Sousa Santos (Portugal) B. Lopes (Portugal)
  5. What are the risks in adolescent pregnancy?
    Chairman: V. Unzeitig (Czech Republic)
    Moderators: M.J. Alves (Portugal) F. Palma (Portugal) M. da Luz (Portugal)
  6. Adolescent pregnancy: outcome options
    Chairman: A. Verougstraete (Belgium)
    Moderators: A. Pacheco (Portugal) A. Alfaiate (Portugal) E. Mota (Portugal)

Programme of the Portuguese part of the Seminar

Adolescent pregnancy in Portugal, reports

Chairmen: T.S. Fernandes (Portugal) T. Bombas (Portugal)
Reports from – Região Norte – Região Centro – Região de Lisboa – Região de Sétubal – Região Sul

Adolescent pregnancy in Primary Health Care

Chairmen: M.J. Alves (Portugal) H. Baia (Portugal)

Final conclusions : Projects for the next Millennium

Chairmen: M. Pitorra (Portugal) Ana Aroso (Portugal) D. Rebelo (Portugal)