Manifesto World Contraception Day 2019


Manifesto World Contraception Day 2019

The Spanish Society of Contraception produced a ‘Manifest’ at the occasion of World Contraception Day 2019: “Ten years have gone by, and there’s still so much to do!”

We have paid particular attention to the younger generation for the past decade, their affective-sexual education, the defence of equality and free access to information, prevention and dispensation of contraceptive methods. We have also focused on gender-based violence, because of its considerable impact at this early stage of life for rich and full sexual and reproductive health.

After a decade of “World Contraception Day” celebrations, we see that society, and above all health policies, have not been decisively involved with the necessary means to resolve these issues. We still have a high level of unwanted pregnancies, voluntary termination of pregnancy has declined but is still above 90,000 per year and statistics have triggered alarms about the increase in sexually transmitted diseases, particularly among adolescents.

For this reason, this “World Contraception Day Manifesto” for 2019 is focused on the attention that adolescents require in sexual and reproductive health issues. For the development of a healthy society, we need to comply with all the articles of the first part of the current “Sexual and Reproductive Health Law”, and this means all its provisions on information, training, prevention and equal care for our young ones, including the implementation of affective-sexual education in schools.

We also call for the commitment and involvement of national and regional authorities in promoting the dual method of combating STIs.

Full manifest

WCD 2019 SEC Manifest

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