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The Society is open to all healthcare professionals: doctors, nurses, counsellors, students etc.

The annual fee is 60 Euro (tax included).

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Membership runs from January till December.

Here are a few of the benefits you enjoy as member:

Membership Categories

Individual membership


Are you a health professional working in the field of SRH?
The ESC supports ongoing professional development by offering the opportunity to be involved with a multidisciplinary, international organisation.
Join us to share knowledge and experience of contraception and reproductive health issues in Europe and the world to improve patient care.

The annual fee is 60 Euro (tax included). Membership runs from January till December.

Membership form

Here are a few of the benefits you enjoy as member:

  • Online access to the European Journal of Contraception and Reproductive Health Care (Impact factor = 1,848)
  • Access to the webinars
  • Access to the DocMatter ESC Community – an interactive, online community for high-quality, clinical discussions, peer-to-peer learning, and networking among our members
  • Regular newsletters with latest updates from the field
  • Reduced congress registration fees


Bank account details 

  • ESC account N° (IBAN) BE45 3101 2639 1389
  • ING bank
  • Bank address: ING bank, Marktplein 26, B-1740 Ternat, Belgium
  • No bank costs to the ESC



International or national European organisations with similar or related aims or institutions may apply for affiliation to the ESC. Members of affiliated societies or institutions pay a 50 percent reduced yearly fee. Those organisations or institutions seeking affiliation must complete the application form which will be submitted to the Board for ratification. Upon acceptance, the Central Office of the ESC should be sent an electronic list of members including email and postal addresses from the affiliated Society or Institution. Members of affiliated societies or institutions have the same rights as other ESC members including voting rights. There are no special obligations for the affiliated society, except that the membership fees (for a minimum of 10 members) must be collected and paid in bulk to the ESC.

Members of affiliated societies are entitled to:

  1. receive online access to the Journal of the ESC
  2. receive an electronic form of the Newsletter
  3. receive information about Congresses, Seminars and other meetings organised or supported by the ESC
  4. reduced ESC registration fees

For an individual to join as an affiliate member you must contact the  affiliated society or institution and complete the membership and payment through them.

Affiliated societies / institutions

Visit the websites of the affiliated societies / institutions by clicking on the respective links:

Asociación Médica Argentina de Anticoncepción (AMADA)

Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Capital Medical University

Croatian Society for Gynecologic Endocrinology and Human Reproduction

Emergency Clinical County Hospital of Arad, Romania


Estonian Sexual Health Association

Frauenklinik Baselland, Switzerland

Georgian Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health

Kazakhstan Association on Sexual and Reproductive Health (KMPA)

Latvian Contraceptology Association

Lithuanian Society of Contraceptology

London Society for Contraception and Sexual Health

Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

Nederlands Genootschap van Abortusartsen(NGvA)

Russian Society of Contraception

Sociedade Portuguesa da Contracepçã, Portugal

Società Medica Italiana per la Contraccezione (SMIC)

Societa Italiana della Contraccezione (SIC)

Society of Family Planning, USA

Spanish Society of Contraception

University Hospital Basel

Universitätsspital Zürich

Vrouwenkliniek UZ Gent, Belgium