New ESC Board Composition

New ESC Board Composition

Dear ESC Member,

Some countries needed to vote recently to appoint their representatives in the Board.
We are pleased to welcome several new members (*) and two new countries who were not represented in the board in the past: Georgia and Malta.
Here is the composition of the new Board:

Austria                              Fiala, C.
Belgium                            Verougstraete, A.
Belgium                            Weyers, S. *
Croatia                              Pavicic Baldani, D.
Cyprus                              Patroclou, P.
Denmark                           Ravn P.
Estonia                              Below, J.*
France                               Gompel, A.
Georgia                             Shengelia, L.*
Greece                              Kalantaridou, S.*
Ireland                              Cochrane, N.*
Ireland                              O’Neill, D.
Italy                                   Toschi, M.
Italy                                   Farris, M.*
Latvia                                Tula – Rijkure, A.
Latvia                                Potapenkova, I.
Lithuania                          Ciaplinskiene, L.*
Malta                                 Montanaro Gauci, M.*
Portugal                            Bombas, T.
Portugal                            Neves, J.*
Romania                           Furau, C.
Romania                           Ionescu, C.A.*
Russia                               Aganezova, N.*
Russia                               Nazarenko, E.*
Serbia                                Kapamadzija, A.
Spain                                 Lobo, P.
Spain                                 Lertxundi Barañano, R.
Sweden                             Kopp Kallner, H.
Switzerland                      Bitzer, J.*
Switzerland                      Frey Tirri, B.
The Netherlands              Raven, G.
Turkey                               Ozalp, S.
United Kingdom              Baraitser, P.
United Kingdom              Kubba, A.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board members who ended their mandate for serving on the Board of the ESC and their support to the Society.

I hope to meet you all in Ghent (1 – 4 September 2021) and encourage you to remain in contact and to continue to contribute to the ESC.

Stay safe and well.

Best wishes,

ESC President

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