Call for invited Open Access review

Call for invited Open Access review: If you have a topic relevant to those of the journal and you want to write an invited review (narrative or systematic) please send the proposal to our Editor in Chief (Professor Giovanni Grandi, who will evaluate it....

01 August, 2023

The contraception reimagined challenge

Coordinated by FIGO’s Committee on Contraception, the Contraception Reimagined Challenge will run until 15 August 2023. The winners will be announced as part of FIGO’s 2023 World Contraception Day campaign. The term contraception is derived from combining contra (against) and conception (an act of conceiving...

31 July, 2023

Check out our new poll!

Kindly have a regular look at the polls. Check out our new poll. Polls are regularly added.

14 July, 2023

New documentary on Sexual and reproductive rights – You should stay vigilant

A new documentary on Sexual and reproductive rights – You should stay vigilant The ESC would like to draw your attention to the new documentary that was launched on 26 June in Paris entitled: You should stay vigilant (in French Vous devrez rester vigilantes). It’s available on...

07 July, 2023

Community update – ESC DocMatter Community

ESC 2023 Q2 Update (1)[20]

17 May, 2023

ESCRH statement on mifepristone in the US

The European Society of Contraception and Reproductive Health is appalled by the ruling of a federal judge in Texas to invalidate the FDA approval of mifepristone- a safe drug used for medical abortion and medical management of miscarriage. The reason given for the invalidation of approval is a claim that the drug...

12 April, 2023