Scientific Highlight: Contraception Atlas – 16th ESC Congress


Scientific Highlight: Contraception Atlas – 16th ESC Congress


Marina Davidashvili, Belgium

Marina Davidashvili is Senior Policy Officer at European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual and Reproductive Rights. Marina works on advocacy with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and Members of Parliament from Eastern Europe. She has also led the Contraception Atlas Project for the last 2 years.

Contraception Atlas 2020: Contraception Atlas – Tracking European Government Policies on reimbursement and online information on contraception

The Contraception Atlas ( is a research project investigating how European public authorities perform in three categories: access to contraceptive supplies, family planning counselling and online information on contraception. The results are condensed into a map which scores 46 countries in Europe. The objective of the initiative is to contribute to better access to reimbursed contraception for women in Europe.
Once all countries are analysed on the basis of 15 criteria, sub-divided into the three categories mentioned above, each country is allocated an overall score which corresponds to a specific colour ranging from green to light green for the best scoring countries, to yellow, orange and red for the worst performers.
The main findings of the Contraception Atlas reveal that Belgium, France and the UK ranked best of the 46 countries surveyed. A major factor setting these states apart is general reimbursement schemes which cover a range of contraceptive supplies, including LARCs.

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