Why attend the 16th #ESCRH2022 Congress by Petr Krepelka, Czech Republic

Why attend the 16th #ESCRH2022 Congress by Petr Krepelka, Czech Republic

Attending the European Society for Contraception and Reproductive Health congresses has become part of my professional and social life. I remember many of these congresses but the most unforgettable, for me, are the congresses that we had the honour of organising in 1998 and 2008 in Prague.

All of the ESC congresses, that I had the opportunity to attend, were very well organised and presented news from the field of planned parenthood. Current issues of new contraceptive methods were useful for my clinical practice, especially professional advice in contraception prescription, health aspects, contraindications and non-contraceptive benefits. Participation in ESC congresses is essential and I use the information obtained in my daily practice. I try to pass on my experience to colleagues in the Czech Republic through regular publications in the professional literature and thus help continuously improve professional care in our important specialty.

Even in today’s age of information technology, when professional resources are more easily available, the position of congresses among the sources of professional information is irreplaceable. The ESC congresses provide a comprehensive view of the current state of planned parenthood methods, their health, social and psychological aspects. Congresses also present the issues related to family planning as a fundamental human right.

Electronic sources of information are convenient, but they cannot replace personal interactions with colleagues from across the globe, exchanging experiences and insight into the application of the methods in other socio-cultural conditions. The congresses are an enjoyable experience for networking with a broad range of health professionals, enriching their professional and social life.

I heartily recommend participation to all colleagues who have not yet had the opportunity to attend ESC congresses. I believe that their experiences will be just as positive as mine and I look forward to meeting many more people in Ghent in 2022.

Dr. Petr Krepelka
30rd August, 2021, Prague, Czech Republic

Full Congress information: https://escrh.eu/event/16th-esc-congress/

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