WHO Survey

WHO Survey

The World Health Organization is supporting the development of a minimum data set (core outcome set) for abortion trials, called the STAR project, as part of the global COMET initiative. Research studies on abortion have collected and reported many different outcomes and outcome measures, but without standardization, it is difficult for researchers to use these outcomes in a meaningful way. The aim of the STAR project is to narrow down the abortion outcomes that we collectively believe are the most important, generating a list of core outcomes to be measured in abortion research in the future. This is a two- to three-part survey, which follows the Delphi process. Each survey will take no more than fifteen minutes to complete. Anyone, anywhere with expertise or experience of abortion can participate (for example, clinicians, nurses, researchers, patients, patient representatives, etc). We are coming together to try to reduce the widespread variation in the collection and reporting of outcomes in abortion research and to improve abortion care.

Participation in part 1 of the survey closes on Friday 22nd June.

Please click here to participate: https://ctrc.liv.ac.uk/DelphiManager/STARproject/Delphi

Dr. Katherine Whitehouse
World Health Organization

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